Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Not a Job for the Faint of Heart

We purchased a humble two bedroom home on a quiet street in the town I grew up in. The house has a spacious fenced-in backyard for our pup, Sandy and is in close proximity to my parents, who hint they want grandchildren on a daily basis. There were so many benefits to the location and of course the affordability factor, which led us to buy a home with the understanding it needed a lot of work. While a 1000 sq house might not seem like much to some, I truly came to respect the size when we sanded and stained the floors ourselves.

Closing Condition of the Floors

Our first task prior to moving in was refinishing the floors. The floors had not been coated in decades and wear was apparent in places like next to the former owner’s bed and down the middle of the hallway. There were also various stains, chips and other markings that showed the age of the home. A refresh was needed.

Why Floors First?

We chose to tackle the floors first because the smell of the stain and period of time before the floor could be stepped on, required us to complete the task prior to moving in. Other improvements would occur after we lived in the house.

The Crew

My father, a carpenter by trade, and my perfectionist fiancé did bulk of the work. While two rounds of sanding and staining is the preference of most, my dad insisted on a third one. I assisted with sanding the closets, under heaters, and around the edges of the room after work and on the weekend.

Here are some photos we took along the way.

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