12 Things to Do Before You Move In

Bought a new condo or house? While each property is unique and may therefore have it’s own needs (especially those identified by your inspector), this checklist is a good place to start preparing your home for move-in. I’ve compiled this list using advice from family members, current homeowners, and my own move-in experience.

1. Clean everything thoroughly – cabinets, bathroom, floors, etc. if it seems like it is taking forever, you’re on the right track 😉

2. Refinish floors and paint as needed

3. Install blinds/window coverings – privacy is always important.

4. Replace toilet seats

5. Change your locks and garage code – you never know who might have a spare key, so it’s better to be safe and changes your locks immediately after closing.

6. Test/change smokes alarm and carbon monoxide detectors

7. Register with the post office to forward all of your mail to your new address. Also, update your information with your employer, billing addresses, subscriptions, etc.

8. Coordinate account and service set up with your utility companies

9. Measure! Make sure everything you plan on moving in fits to avoid moving furniture and appliances twice.

10. Paint closets and line drawers — it’s always good to start fresh

11. Get rid of stuff! If you don’t need it, don’t move it! Donate clothes you don’t wear, items you don’t use, etc.

12. Place money aside for unexpected expenses. I didn’t find out until the first time I used the shower that the basement flooded every time the water turned on in the tub. Having a reserve for unexpected home improvements came in very handy.

What would you add to this list? Comment below!

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