Cooking at Sur La Table

My mom is an excellent cook. For as long as I can remember, she feels at ease in the kitchen and is always challenging herself to learn new techniques and try new recipes. While I have always admired her passion for homemade meals, I sadly am inexperienced in the kitchen (except when it comes to baking).

Therefore, every few months, I like to treat my mom to a cooking class. It is a great opportunity for both of us to learn together, despite our different levels of expertise. While we have explored a number of cooking schools over the past couple of years, a favorite has become Sur La Table.

On Saturday, we took a Homemade Ravioli Workshop. The chef leading the class provided a booklet with instructions, a live demonstration, and answered all of the questions our small group had along the way. In this particular class, we made a smoked salmon ravioli with a vodka cream sauce and a sausage ravioli with a tomato sauce.

The class was two hours long with a short break in the middle. At the end of class, we sat down and enjoyed the ravioli we made. I was surprised to find that pasta dough and ravioli were a lot easier to make than I expected. It was great motivation for me to try new recipes, which I am excited to do for Thanksgiving next week.

While a full price classes can be expensive (this class was $69 per person), Sur La Table often has specials like half price classes.

Here are some photos from the class:

Rolling out the pasta dough was a process! All hands were on deck for this portion of the class.

We made both round and square ravioli. While the square ravioli may not be as pretty, it wasted a lot less dough.

The final product! First, salmon ravioli and below it the sausage. The salmon was definitely my favorite. At first, I felt like the salmon and vodka sauce seemed like an odd combination, but it was absolutely delicious! I can’t want to make the recipe for my fiancé!

Have you taken a class you love? Feel free to share in the comments.

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