DIY Pinecone Ornaments

This past weekend we finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree. While the tree is usually an assortment of miscellaneous ornaments, I wanted to have more consistency in the decor this year and a classic vibe. To achieve this goal, I made these simple handmade ornaments from pinecones.


  • Medium-size pinecones
  • Red pre-made ribbons (I actually found these at a local dollar store! Feel free to vary color or make your own)
  • Pearl beads
  • Fishing wire or clear string
  • Scissors

I purchased the pinecones and beads from Michaels Craft Store. I had the clear string and scissors at home.

Step 1

Remove the twisty ties that hold together the pre-made bows.

Step 2

Cut a piece of clear string about 8 inches in length, string on a pearl, and tie the string in a knot around the bow where the twisty tie used to be.

Step 3

Adjust the pearl to be centered on front of bow.

Step 4

Secure bow to pinecone by tying clear string around center core of pinecone and knotting the string. Because my pinecones were small compared to the size of the bows I was using and because they were more round than long, I chose to tie the bows to the top of the pinecone as opposed to the bottom, which is most often seen (because it mimics how the pinecone would hang from the tree).

Step 5

Use remaining string to create a loop on which the ornament can hang from the branch of a Christmas tree. Make sure knot is tight before cutting off any excess string.

Repeat until you’re satisfied with the number of ornaments you make! I made around 20.

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