Envelope Liners Made Easy

My save the date cards, invitations and thank you cards all had envelope liners. They are a simple yet elegant touch and as I learned super easy to do yourself.


  • Envelopes (mine were white envelopes that measured 5 3/4 in wide by 4 and 3/8 in tall)
  • Envelope Liners – You can purchases these or cut them out yourself (I purchased gold liners that measured 4 and 3/8 inches wide by 5 and 7/8 inches tall)
  • Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller (I purchased these at Staples)

Step 1

You’ll notice that the liners are not a perfect square. Get familiar with what direction you will need to insert the liner. If your liner has a dull side and a metallic side, flip your liner to the dull side to apply the adhesive.

Step 2

Carefully glide the adhesive dot roller from left to right as close to the top of the liner as possible. Be sure to get relatively close to the left and right sides of the liner as well. You want to make sure that the edges do not become detached or curl up. I like to place a piece of scrap paper under my liner when applying the adhesive should I accidentally continue rolling outside the edges of my liner. Since the adhesive is very strong, you have the option to make a straight line across the top of the liner or to roll a “dotted” line to get the most use out of your roller. I tend to roll a half inch sections of adhesive, skipping a quarter of an inch in between. For all three sets of stationary, I used 2 rollers (I had about 30 envelops per set).

Step 3

After the adhesive is applied, flip over the liner so that the adhesive is still at the top but facing down. Carefully insert the liner into the envelope. The bottom of the liner should meet the bottom of the envelope and be centered horizontally. Once you have the insert lined up, carefully press down the top edge of the liner so that the adhesive bonds to the top of the envelope.

Step 4

Fold the envelope closed, creasing the liner and you are all set to insert your card and deliver!

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