5 Satisfying Staycation Ideas

Just because you don’t have any travel plans for a long weekend or period of time off doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! Here are 5 satisfying staycation ideas for your next day out of the office!

Complete a Lingering Project

We all have that project that we started and always said we’d get around to finishing one day…Mine is a fabric-covered bulletin board. The patterned material, cork tiles, and boxes of thumb tacks have have been obstructing my home office for weeks and my husband can’t wait for me to do something with them! Therefore, rather than starting a new project this weekend, I am going to finally complete the bulletin board for our home office. I am looking forward to checking this home decor project off my list and can’t wait to see how the final board looks hanging on the wall!

Take a Class

If you’ve read my post about making Homemade Ravioli at Sur La Table, then you know how fond I am of learning new things, especially in the kitchen. Craft stores like JoAnn’s Fabric and cooking supply stores like Chef Central and Sur La Table offer frequent classes at affordable prices. Sometimes retailers even offer savings on classes with low enrollment to attract students to sign up last minute. Plus, many classes are one-offs, so you don’t need to commit to a series, as well as mixed-level to make it as enjoyable yet challenging for participants with prior experiences as it is for those without. While my favorite class so far has been macaroon-making at Sur La Table, my next class will likely be a basic sewing class at JoAnn’s Fabric.

Treat Yourself to a DIY Spa Day

Never underestimate the power of a little self-care! I like to kick off a DIY Spa Day with an extra long shower and use some of the products I don’t have time to use during the work week, like the COCOSHEA Coconut Richly Nourishing Body Scrub from Bath and Body Works. It is truly incredible how soft and smooth your skin feels after using this exfoliant. After, I moisturize with Kiehl’s Creme de Corps and apply a face mask. Currently my favorite face masks include the Soo Ae Aloe sheet mask and the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. I like that the sheet mask is mess-free. You just open the package, unfold the mask, lay over your face, set a timer for 15 minutes and relax! When using the Peter Thomas Roth gel mask, I like to pop it into the fridge before my shower – the coolness of the gel is extra relaxing!

Read a Good Book

I recently completed the book “Good as Gone” by Amy Gentry and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the suspense and surprise of novels like “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lapena. The premise of the book is that a young girl, Julie, returns home years after being kidnapped. As her family adjusts, her mom, Anna begins to have doubts if the young girl who claims to be her daughter truly is who she says she is.

Reconnect with an Old Friend

As I’ve grown older, it has become increasingly harder to stay in touch with old friends. Work, family and other obligations often cause months between when some of my best friends and I see one another in person. Therefore, long weekends are a great time to catch up. While my friends and I usually meet over sushi, we’ve recently begun to frequent a new tea shop in town.

What are you planning on your next day off?

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