DIY Halloween: Emoji Costume

It’s October! That means it is time to plan Halloween costumes if you haven’t already. This Emoji Halloween costume is one of my all-time favorites for a few reasons. First, it is both easy to make and inexpensive. Plus, it is suitable for all ages. Kids can wear it to school for their Halloween parade or adults can wear it for a night out. The costume is easy to take on and off, easy to store and can also be an easy group costume for the whole family. Most of all, the costume is silly, modern and fun.


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Yellow and black poster board
  • Red poster board (if needed)
  • White printer paper (if needed)
  • Brown paper bag (if needed)
  • Magazine pages (if needed)
  • Duck tape
  • Black ribbon
  • Glue or two-sided tape
  • Hula hoop, cup, plate, and bowl (optional)

This costume only cost me a few dollars to make because I mostly used supplies I already had at my house. The only items I needed to purchase were the poster boards.

The need for white paper and red poster board depends on the emoji you choose. I used the white for certain smiles and eyes and the red for hearts. I also used a paper bag to make brown eyes and magazine pages with a blue background to make tears.

The hula hoop, cup, plate, and bowl are optional tools that might come in handy when you are drawing out the large circle for your emoji and some of the facial features and will vary depending on the emoji you choose.

Step 1

First, decide which emoji you want to be! Are you looking to be a classic smiling emoji, a goofy emoji, or one with heart eyes? There are endless options to choose from!

Find inspiration on your smartphone. Here’s a screenshot of a number of options available in my iPhone messages.

Step 2

Once you decide which emoji you are going to create, you can get started. Lay your yellow poster board on a large table or even the floor (just make sure you have plenty of room to work). I freehand drew the circle outline of my emoji. However, if you have a hula hoop, feel free to trace the shape.

Step 3

Once you have your yellow circle drawn, grab your scissors and cut it out.

Step 4

Next, plan out your features. Here is where I used household items to trace. For example, I used a plate to create the curved edges of a wide smile.

Step 5

Once you have your features drawn out, cut them out. For features like eyes or hearts, I like to cut one out first and then trace the other so that my emoji face looks as symmetrical as possible.

Step 6

Once all of your features are cut out, use two-sided tape or glue (I recommend Elmer’s rubber cement) to adhere the features to the yellow circle.

Step 7

Cut a piece of ribbon about two and a half feet long (may vary depending on your height) and tie a knot at each end. Use the duct tape to adhere the ribbon to the back of the yellow circle. Be sure that the knots are below the tape so that the ribbon doesn’t “slide through” the tape.

Step 8

Pull the emoji on and you are ready to trick or treat!

Which emoji will you be?

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