Learning to Sew at JoAnn’s

A couple years ago, I purchased a Singer sewing machine for a great price during a Black Friday sale. However, when I hadn’t even as much as opened the box a month later, I decided to return the machine. I told myself I would buy another sewing machine once I learn how to use one. Little did I know how much I was missing!

It wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally took that first sewing class at JoAnn’s. My neighbor had told me about the class that she had also signed up for to jumpstart her hobby. I was so excited to try the class and eagerly awaited the class date, January 5. I showed up over an hour early to buy my supplies, get set up with a sewing machine in the classroom and meet all of my classmates before the 2.5 hour session started.

The Class

Majority of the class was an introduction to the sewing machine and how to use it. We threaded our bobbins and needles and learned how to switch between different stitches. Once that was complete, we practiced using our machine and foot petal on a scrap piece of fabric. Our instructor encouraged us to play with as many stitches as we wanted so that we could see the full range of what our machines could do.

After a brief practice session, we folded our fabric quarters diagonally together to cut the excess in order to make squares. Then, with “top” sides of the fabric matching, we pinned our fabric together. Then we sewed along the “back” of the fabric beginning with our opening. The opening is where we would later stuff the pillow. After sewing along a side, turning the fabric, sewing along the next, etc until we returned to the opposite end of the opening, we finished our stitch and proceeded to turn the pillow inside out. Then we stuffed the pillow to our preferred firmness and hand-sewed the closure. Just like that, my red Valentine’s Day heart pillow was complete!


I truly enjoyed the content of the class. I was a little disappointed that our instructor showed up late and therefore did not prepare for the class prior to it starting. We often had to wait for the instructor to locate supplies. For example, bobbins were not on the supply list so our instructor took the thread off several bobbins she was able to find in the closet while we hung out. Also, there were issues with the sewing machines. My neighbor threaded her bobbins and her needle only to find out that her machine didn’t work. Once they finally found her another sewing machine to use, she had to start the process over again.

The supply list caused us to over buy a lot, and several items were not used at all during the class, such as the chalk, measuring tape, and seam ripper (the teacher admitted after class that she forgot that section). The store had also forgotten to give us the 20% coupon to buy supplies that normally comes with signing up for a class.

Besides these minor inefficiencies and inconveniences, I really liked the class and felt that I learned enough to be inspired to sew more and think I could thread the bobbin and needle on my own next time.

Thus, immediately after the class ended, my neighbor and I visited the Cutting Counter to sign up for the French Seam Pillowcase (Level 1) and Comfy Pants (Level 2) sewing classes. Unfortunately, only the class coordinator was able to ring us up, so we had to return to the store the following day to complete our registration. However, the store was kind enough to honor the 40% off sewing classes that happened to sync with the Saturday of our class.

But that wasn’t the only saving! I got an extra 15% back for submitting the receipt for my class on the Ibotta app (If you don’t have the app, you are seriously missing out! Sign up with my link and get a $10 Welcome Bonus). Meaning I paid less than $18 for the $35 pillow case class and under $23 for the $45 comfy pants class.

While I am not quite ready yet to purchase another sewing machine and work on projects all by myself, I am excited for my upcoming classes and looking forward to sewing more pillows for my living room!

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