DIY Vanilla Sugar Hand Scrub

  • A few months ago I started selling Color Street and when I invited people over my house for my “launch party,” it was important to me that everyone left with useful knowledge as well as something tangible, even if they chose not to purchase a set of nail strips. So, I looked on Pinterest for DIY beauty ideas that would be a fun activity at the party, but were also inexpensive to make. I soon became intrigued by all of the the sugar scrubs I saw and ended up taking bits and pieces of different recipes to create one that suited my needs.
  • First, I made sure that everything I needed could be found in your kitchen to make it easy for my party attendees to replicate the DIY scrub at home if they liked it. Also, only requiring three ingredients made the recipe easy to remember. I also designed the recipe to make a small quantity of scrub. Since I was intending it to be used for hands, I reasoned a small container is sufficient to keep near your bathroom sink. However, it can easily be multiples to create a larger quantity. The key? A 2:1 ratio of coconut oil to sugar.
  • Ingredients

    • One tablespoon of coconut oil
    • Two tablespoons of sugar
    • A drop or two of vanilla extract

    The sugar exfoliates and the coconut oil is moisturizing! Not only does the vanilla smell amazing, but it can also have a calming effect.

    I chose to use white granulated sugar since it is what I had on hand. However, brown sugar would work fine too and likely be a tougher exfoliant.

    Step 1

    Measure out your ingredient and stir them together.

    Step 2

    Add additional sugar little by little if needed and continue to stir until you are satisfied with the consistency.

    Step 3

    Use immediately or store in a sealed container for later!

    To use, rub scrub on hands and rinse hands with warm water before patting dry.

    Once I finish my current jar of vanilla sugar scrub, I’d like to experiment with using peppermint or lavender. What scrubs would you like to try?

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