Highlights From The 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show

Every year I look forward to attending the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center. Each year has a different theme — this year’s being Riviera Holiday. I find it fascinating how each exhibitor interprets the theme in their own unique way — yet each display is even more intricate and breathtaking than the next. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself an avid gardener or plant enthusiast, I have so much appreciation for those who make the show possible.

If you have yet to visit the Met Gala of flowers, I’ve highlighted 4 of my favorite elements from this year’s show below.

1. Canopies of Citrus

Lemon and orange citrus trees were a common site at this year’s flower show. My favorite displays were those that allowed you to walk beneath a ceiling of these trees.

A look up
Part of the same display near the show’s grand entrance

2. Accessories Made From the Earth

As you approach the back of the show, there are many aisles of “judged” artwork and photography. While it may be tempting to skip these aisles for the larger exhibits, I’d highly recommend taking time to appreciate the attention to detail, skill and creativity of these submissions. My favorite this year was an accessory created using natural elements like corn husk, rice and mustard seeds.

Handmade handbags like the above, jewelry and even metals of honor were on display in this section

3. Coastal Villages

A few of the displays nodded to the coastal villages of Italy and Greece. I loved the vibrant colors and layering of flowers that were used to create such magnificent exhibits.

This picture does no justice to the colorful rows of “houses” in one display
I absolutely loved these “roofs” of hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers

4. The Orchids

A trip to the flower show is not complete until you stroll through the awards for best orchids. From mini orchids in tea cups to vibrant and spotted varieties, looking at these beauties never gets tiring.

This color combination is gorgeous
So many orchids
Spotted ones

Which of my highlights from the show is your favorite?

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