DIY Wedding Countdown

After seeing a “Days until” wood and chalk board sign at Michaels Craft Store this past weekend, I got on an “I-need-to-make-a-wedding-countdown” kick. At first, I looked to buy one, but my handwriting is not good enough to actually write the numbers out in chalk and I just didn’t understand the ones with the blocks (doesn’t a cube only have 6 sides?) My final concern was convertibility. I love the idea of having this for my wedding, but it would be great to reuse for birthdays, vacations and other special occasions as well.


  • A pack of at least 20 gift tags – I chose mint
  • Number stickers – I chose white (you will need at least two sets of 0-9)
  • Special occasion stickers – I purchased wedding-themed ones
  • Photo frame (glass removed) – I found this 5in x 7in one at a local dollar store out of all places! It was complete coincidence how perfectly it matched the gift tags.
  • At least 2 hooks with screw backs – I chose straight gold ones but there are also silver and curved options below.
  • Masking tape or another easily-removable tape
  • Pen or pencil

All of the items I purchased for this project were on clearance (mint gift tags from Michaels), on sale (40% + an extra 20% off stickers from Michaels), or regularly under $2 (frame and hardware from a dollar store). Making the grand total for this project less than $10!

Step 1

Number hangtags from 0 to 9, with one number centered on each tag and making sure that the punched hole is above each number. Repeat until you have two sets of tags labeled from 0 to 9. If you are intending to count down more than 99 days, feel free to create a third set.

Step 2

Disassemble your frame. I flipped over the image my frame came with to reveal a clean white page to use as a background for my hangtags. I laid out two hangtags and marked where I wanted each to hang in the frame (aka where I would later insert the screws) with a pen. Please note, you will need to leave extra space above the hangtags for your occasion stickers.

Step 3

Next, I removed the hangtags and lined up the white sheet with the inside of the thick cardboard backing of the frame. Then I delicately taped the corners of the white sheet and backing together with (my favorite) chevron masking tape. The purpose of this is to make sure the two don’t become misaligned and the white sheet does not tear when you twist the screws through.

Step 4

I will admit, this took a little more effort than I thought, and I would have probably been better off making a tiny drill hole with a power tool, but nevertheless, I twisted each gold hook into the white paper and cardboard where I had previously marked. The screw portion of my hook just pierced the back of the frame (but not enough to cause any sharp edges). The screw portion of the hooks I purchased is about a half inch in length.

Step 5

Put the frame back together. I chose to keep the “mat” that came with the frame, as it was white on white, but feel free to discard if you like or don’t worry if yours did not come with one.

Step 6

Hang up your letters. Use the occasion stickers to “title” your countdown.

And voila! Let the countdown begin!

Feel free to replace “Wedding” sticker with “Vacation,” “Summer,” “My Birthday,” or any other occasion you can’t wait for!

Easy Lettered Frame

Recently my sister adopted her first pet, a rescue puppy. While I bought (and made) all sorts of toys and goodies for the puppy, I wanted to give my sister a “Congratulations” gift as well. So I lettered a picture frame and inserted a photo of her new furry baby.

When my fiancĂ© and I adopted a rescue lab last year, I made him a similar frame with her name, “Sandy,” spelled out. Especially since puppies grow so fast, it is fun to remember their first weeks with the family via a photo in a living room or on a desk.

The lettered frame is super easy to put together and the supplies I purchased to make it would have cost me less than $10 even if I had paid full price.

To make your own, follow the instructions below!


  • Picture frame with a flat front
  • Wooden letters (I chose 3/4 in tall)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tweezers
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape

Step 1

Find the letters you need! Because Daisy’s name is so short, I had plenty letters left over to make her another frame or to use on future craft projects.

Step 2 (optional)

Originally, I was going to paint the wooden letters black. But after laying everything out, I decided to apply them to the frame unfinished instead. Depending on the color of your frame and its recipient, feel free to decorate the letters however you like!

Step 3

Layout the letters along the bottom, center of the frame. Use a removable masking or painter’s tape to mark off where you want your letters to start and end. This way, when you pick up the letters to add glue, you still have a guide for spacing them.

Step 4

Pick up each letter individually and flip it backwards. Hold each letter so that you have a good grip on it but don’t risk burning yourself with the glue gun. Apply three or so small dots of glue to the back of each letter. Make sure that the dots are small enough that when pressed in they do not exceed the width of the letter, as you don’t want globs of glue showing on your final project.

Step 5

Quickly (before the glue hardens), but carefully, flip the letter, align it and press down so that the glue adheres the letter securely to the frame.

Step 6

Repeat for all letters. If you don’t press down fast enough, wait until the glue drys, peel it off and start Steps 4-5 again.

Step 7

Use tweezers to remove any glue “cobwebs.”

Step 8

Fill the frame with a photo and enjoy!